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Toplevel Technologies is a certified Z-world Rabbit Consultant company and we have a working partner relationship with Z-World now Digi Corporation.

Programmer experience is available in the C programming language and we program with assembly language when necessary, e.g. when using interrupt routines, pulse width measurement, and pulse train generation.

We use two C compilers Zworld Dynamic C, and CCS Inc PICmicro® C compiler as we also complete projects using Microchip PIC controllers. We have program using the Dynamic C embedded programming environment, and we find it very extensive in features. Also the Zworld Rabbit processors have so many on board resources, we find they are well suited for specialized needs. When it comes to embedded C programming there are often specialized needs.

The Rabbit platform offers out-of-the box Ethernet capability, WIFI, M2M cellular communications, Web page generation for IO displays, 12v IO ready to go, up to six serial ports, and the list goes on. The Rabbit platform and Rabbit development kits are toys for any C embedded systems engineer.

Although Z-world Rabbit hardware costs are higher than Microchip, the development time for hardware and software can be a lot less. The Rabbit platform is ideal for rapid prototyping when simply trying to prove or demonstrate an idea.

We use the CCS PICmicro compiler as it includes nice libraries for most Microchip controllers. The libraries are very robust, with sufficient comments or self-commenting code for understanding. The CCS compiler is good value for the money. Our hardcore assembly programmers like assembly code produced by CCS and they see it as being very efficient.

Our recommendations really depend on the requirements of each situation and the comfort levels of the client.