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CCS Programming

We are very satisfied with the features and stability of the CCS compiler and associated CCS hardware. If you a C programmer you do not have to understand the complete background of PIC programming as it relates to assembler setup. CCS takes care of a lot of the background tasks - no bank switching to manage.

The compiler has many built in functions like:
  • Standard IO

  • Capture Compare and Pulse Width Modulation

  • Processor Controls

  • RS232 IO

  • I2C IO

  • SPI IO

  • Parallel Slave IO

  • Timers

  • Standard Math Library

  • A/D conversion

  • Analog Compare

  • Voltage Reference

  • Internal EEPROM

  • Bit Manipulation

Our CCS programmer package included a serial debugger, and plug and play connector into the development board. The board was set up to easily connect discreet IO and RS232 connection.