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Dynamic C

Z World Dynamic C is an integrated development system for writing C software, and integrates the following functions:

  • Editing

  • Compiling

  • Linking

  • Loading

  • Debugging

Dynamic C runs on a PC and connects to the processor though a serial connection to the Rabbit Microprocessor core module. A USB conversion kit is available. The connection is used for program loading, debugging, and the Rabbit Remote Field Utility (RFU).

The debugging interface includes the ability to use printf commands, watch expressions, breakpoints and other advances debugging features.

We have used the RFU to send compiled code files to clients. The binary file is created using the RFU utility. We send the file by email to the remote client (customer), and the client uploads the file to their Rabbit microprocessor. This works especially well when the Dynamic C compiler is not available at the remote site. The RFU is free and can be downloaded from the Rabbit Website.

The editor supports inline assembly language programming. Assembly language and C code are written in the same environment so there is no need to leave the editor when writing code. We have found Dynamic C very similar to ANSI C to a point where it really does not make a difference to program structure.

We also liked the compilation speed to the target processor. Functions and libraries are compiled and linked and downloaded on the fly. On a fast PC, Dynamic C might load 30,000 bytes of code in 5 seconds at a baud rate of 115,200 bps.

Dynamic C comes with an extensive set of library functions and lots of documentation. There is online support from Rabbit, with free email and paid hotline support.