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Toplevel Technologies
TopLevel Technologies LLC is based in Fort Collins, Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We opened for business in the first quarter of 2002.
TopLevel Technologies embedded software engineering development fort collins colorado.

Embedded Software Development
Our primary focus is in embedded software development and program design for embedded systems using C programming language. We specialize in programming systems for remote communications using landline and cellular modems to transfer field data to your database location. We have experience with both circuit switched (point to point), and packet switched (Internet) data transfer. We can also help with your specialized needs from wireless serial applications to satellite communications data.

TopLevel Technologies take great pride in creating successful embedded software projects for our clients. programming engineering remote communications and embedded software projects.

Z-World Certified Consultants
We are Certified Z-World Consultants, with experience, and training on the Rabbit BL2100 and Rabbit 3000 processors. These unique processor core modules have on-board Ethernet connections for Web browser communications or communications with other Rabbit boards.

Zworld Rabbit boards are ideal solutions for rapid prototyping due to the availability of extensive libraries and abundant hardware peripherals like multiple serial ports, lots of parallel IO, plug and play LCDs, and remote communications platforms like GPRS and Wifi internet options.

Z-world rabbit semiconductor consultant fort collins colorado.

Embedded C Programming
We are also proficient with Microchip embedded control platforms using CCS PIC C compiler, and associated libraries customized for our project requirements. CCS is an efficient, easy to use compiler for Microchip PIC 14 and 16 bit PIC processors.

The Rabbit microprocessor and Microchip PIC micro-controller really serve different market segments and we can cover both.

We use Microsoft Visual Studio.NET for programming PC applications and text file processing. We can provide database services and embedded web hosting for data collection, and support for specialized server applications.

Microchip pic microsoft visual programming services and embedded web.

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Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
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