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MicroChip PIC

PIC micro-controllers are very simple controller to work with. The off the shelf hardware is cheap. Each controller is very well supported with documentation, which is downloadable from the Microchip Website. It contains all the information necessary to set up and program the controller. A forum community also exists for working through problems.

As a Microchip PIC consultant most of our work is done using the 14-bit core size like the 12F629, 16F84A, and the 16F877. Aside from the fact that each controller is architecturally different, the PIC programmer processes and behaviors are very similar.

We especially like the 16F877 and its extra capabilities, like 40 pins, 16 bit timer, a USART, and it can be used with an in circuit debugger (ICD). This micro-controller series is also "self programmable", which means that it can be reprogrammed remotely through the Internet or a modem. Microchip has a huge array of micro-controllers and so there is always one that is just right for your job!

We use PIC CCS for our compiler and for development boards. When you want to get going with development as quickly as possible, it is often a good idea to spend $50 - $100 dollars just on a development board specific to the project you are working with, and then go back to create your own customized board later on.

Microchip and Z-world Rabbit can serve completely different markets so just to recap – when you need a fast solution, which is already on a board, has been through some regulatory testing for emissions, is ruggedized, and is field ready, don’t forget about the Z-world Rabbit platform!