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Remote Data Acquisition

Our capabilities with analog landline modems, cellular modems, and off the shelf remote data loggers, are perfectly aligned with remote application requirements, which need to monitor field data over long distances especially in real time.

Most embedded systems modems and data loggers continue to use serial RS232 communications. RS232 is a very simple low complexity standard, which has been used in modem communications for decades. It is ideal for micro controller slave applications due to the low resources required.

Of course, some personal computer modems have migrated to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) standard. There are several solutions available to implement USB in slave micro controllers using of the shelf programmable devices. However we have not yet come across a viable USB modem solution to be used in an embedded or remote system.

Remote data acquisition services can be implemented in different ways. Important considerations include the amount of data that needs to be transferred and whether it needs to happen in real time. For example when traking a vehicle using a GPS modem

There are many platforms available for remote data storage. Low powered micro processing modules with built in serial memory can operate for a long time while performing data collection and storage. Higher power requirements needed for modems, can be provided with long life batteries and solar cells. The remote data logger device can monitor and store data until ready to send back to a base station, bringing the modem out of sleep mode. Microprocessors can be put into sleep mode to preserve power, periodically waking up to take measurements or transmit data.

There are all sorts of possibilities when it comes to customized-solutions for remote data collection. Much depends on the application itself and the geography where used. Even remote desert and mountain areas can use satellite services, although there is a time lag measured in minutes. For the closer in systems, we increase our options by using RF serial data platforms, landline modems, and cellular modems.

In house data can be tracked using internet connections. For example products that need to be tracked using radio frequency identification technology (RFID). Our RFID boards were created using Eagle Layout Editor software.

We are available on a hourly basis to give you pointers as to which systems are out there and which ones you might use for your application. We may already post answers to those questions on the Toplevel Technologies Website!